Support for Raspberry Pi4

can adam:ONE support be offered on more platform such as Raspberry Pi4?

Hey William, mostly yes. If you did something like one-armed routing and configured iptables you could use a pi as a firewall. We don’t currently have ARM binaries for debian linux that would be the only issue.

is that a project that i could do myself or would it require your assistance?

Because there is no ARM binary it would require us to provide that to you. Going to tag @tom here to see if he’s interested in doing it. A debian 10 armv7l build should work. It’s not common yet to use armv8 on raspberry pi.

We would imagine that the pi community would enjoy at least the DNSharmony feature (anmuscle version 4+ only). On an experimental basis, we will provide a binary and generic installation script and documentation.

This is where i was planning on going with this. Use the Pi for DNSHarmony.