Suspicious Email Claiming to be from ADAMnetworks – Phishing Attempt?

Hi everyone,

I received a concerning email today that appears to be from ADAMnetworks, but I’m unsure if it’s legitimate. Here’s what it looked like:

Subject: [ADAMnetworks] [adam:ONE®] "
script src=“

Body: Mostly gibberish text, didn’t make sense.
45x45 ago
June 29

g yftyff yfttioiuy rrwry ljgdey uyyu iuguygftuy


The strange subject line with script code and the nonsensical content raised red flags for me. I’ve received legitimate emails from ADAMnetworks before, but this email’s body only contained nonsens and “TEST”

I’m worried this might be a phishing attempt. Has anyone else received a similar email? Should I be concerned? Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I have received three of these kinds of emails, wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Yeah somebody was trying to hijack our forum. All they accomplished is generating noise and annoyance.
You’re free to ignore these, and if you prefer not to get emails from the forum at all you can click your user icon at the top right, and select Preferences, and then click the Email tab.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the confusion.

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