System - MyTools | IP version mismatch


What does it mean? How will it work inside our LAN?

It happens when the following are enabled:
image redirects to * with an unable to connect page:

Any benefits of enabling:

  • Encrypt MyTools
  • Secure DNS

Thanks in advance for the tips!

Edited image to remove identifying information.

@edanpedragosa in the pfSense® firewall you may have a rule at the top that rejects HTTPS traffic to the firewall and it might be called “adam:ONE Reject Blocked HTTPS - Must be at the top”
You will need to disable that rule in order for MyTools to work over HTTPS.
And yes we need to streamline this somehow yet. It’s not an issue on linux based platforms like VyOS®.

As for the IP version mismatch, I’m actually not sure why that’s there. It shouldn’t cause a problem though.

@atw, disabling that rule alone did not work for. I needed to clone the HTTP rule for and and changing it to https.

The IP version mismatch is still showing up, what could be the reason for that?

You’re right, I did miss that the allow rule would also not catch this traffic. We’ll work on improving the flow somehow. On Linux based firewalls such as VyOS this is not a problem, it’s just an issue on pfSense because of the way the firewall rules are laid out.