Tailscale Compatibility

Is the adam one stack compatible with Tailscale? Is it possible to run a DNS server on the Tailscale network together with the mytools server?

In theory it seems it is. When I add the interface tailscale0 and the listeners in the .CONF file I can reach the mytools page by IP address, but not by host name. I think I have set up all of the correct options to force the DNS to the gateway. I’m using the gw as an exit node but I lose Internet access. Still have advertised routes access, but no Internet. Has anybody ever tried this?

Hey @nckrwlmn
So Tailscale by default enables their MagicDNS feature which basically runs a local stub resolver on the machine with a search domain of <youraccount>.ts.net which allows your tailnet hosts to be resolved and then by default your devices local DNS nameserver is used to resolve non tailnet hosts.
This means that it works perfectly well with adam:ONE and DTTS.

@nckrwlmn When you visit the mytools.management/whoami are you getting the correct device IP?

At the moment we are trying to test Tailscale along side our adam:ONE deployment as well.

No Chris, I’m not getting a mytools page at all.

I guess my question was @atw, can I use a gateway as an exit node, and have dns answered by that exit node? Through magic dns maybe?

OK I see. So I haven’t tested using an adam:ONE gateway as an exit node. Will have to mess around with that one day.