Time allocation per device

Would be nice to be able to set a time allocation per device. Like giving device ABC123 2 hours limit of internet per 24 hours.

Thanks for the post @lstephens
Just wondering when you say 2 hours per 24 hours, how would you want that 2 hour period to start and stop?
We currently already support schedules where you can do exactly what you’re describing with a set start and stop time. You would just set the default policy in the schedule to “No Internet”

Or are you thinking of something else?

hey @atw

There would not be a start and stop time. Just a certain amount of “internet” time allocated per device per day. That time could be used up anytime within a 24 hour period. I guess the trick would be how to track the “usage” and subtract that from the allotted time. I hope that makes sense.

Yes it makes sense thanks. You are correct that the trick would be to track the actual usage. As anything on the network is constantly talking even if a user is not actively using it. But I’m not going to say it’s not possible. Thanks for posting it.