Top 10,000 Rule updated

On adam:ONE® policies of type Allowlisting (Whitelisting), we had a built-in rule labeled as Allow Top 10,000 Family Friendly Sites like this:


This rule needed some updating and ongoing refreshes which is now in place.

The rule name has changed to:

Allow safe top 10,000 sites and services
Based on the most used websites for work, excluding sports, entertainment, generally undesirable content

Therefore, any previously-included domains categorized as any of these have been removed and won’t be part of the regular refresh cycle:

  • Entertainment
  • Online gaming
  • Sports
  • Proxies
  • Image hosting
  • Social media
  • Adult content

If any such domains are now unexpectedly blocked for you, they can be added to a new Allow/whitelist rule that is enabled on required policies.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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