Turbo VPN app still bypassing DTTS

I am doing continual testing with mobile android VPN apps. There is one in particular called Turbo VPN that is still drilling through.

I have DTTS enabled and I am wondering what I am missing here?

Thanks in advance,

Hi try to clear States in your pf sense box. or reboot your pf sense

Hi Daryn,
I have followed through on all the basics that I gleaned from various topics and it still gets through.

I was hoping that someone would install this app on a mobile device and confirm that AdamOne does in fact block it.

hi I did just try it on my network and it will not let me through

i had similar issue and dumping the states worked

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Hi @Daryn

I am trying to reset my States table, but I get a 400 Bad Request page response. I am researching possible causes.


Hello @Daryn

cc: @David

VPN issue fixed. The solution is to disable the bottom two PfSense firewall rules.

However, an unintended side effect is now Telegram is blocked as well.

An interesting point though, is all Telegram notifications still pop through, but when clicking the notification, or the Telegram app itself, all traffic is blocked.

Are there solutions to allow Telegram traffic to work?



You have to create rule for telagram

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I would limit telagram to these ports and ip addresses ,you can find a lot of trash if you open more, that is what I experienced, just opening these gives you all basic functions

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Open up address with ports 80 and 443 all basic functions will work

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Thanks @Daryn

It is working flawlessly.


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