Unable to browse www.etzy.com


I am unable to browse the website https://www.etsy.com if the computer is in Block the bad -policy, as soon I change to the unfiltered I can browse www.etzy.com.

System: pfsense 2.6.0-RELEASE (amd64), AdamOne Installed version, 3.4.23_2

If you go to the log while you are trying to access it, you should be able to see which rule is blocking it. (make sure your device is set to view logs)

There are a number of rules that block shopping sites, and one of them is probably turned on for your policy.

The best way would probably be to create a forwarding rule (because forwarding rules override block rules) and point www.etsy.com to or to allow that site. Or you could just turn off the rule that’s blocking it.

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