Updated Devices page on the Dashboard

The device management page on the dashboard has been updated. This page was designed to address many of the concerns we have received over the years and limit accidental actions. Specifically:

  1. Changing the policy of a device took too many steps. Now this can be done in just 2 clicks. Just click on the policy and select the new policy.
  2. With the previous design, the interface was unclear on which devices were selected. Often batch actions have been applied to wrong devices. The changes to selecting devices will help with this.
  3. Selecting many devices manually was slow in the previous interface. Now devices can be selected based on the current view filters.

The largest change in the new interface is how to view devices for a specific policy. While the previous method of collapsing devices under policies could be beneficial, it was also the cause of many accidental changes. Now, viewing devices for a policy is done by using the new Policy filter. Open it, deselect the “SELECT ALL” option, and choose just the policy you want to view.

Prior to release, this page has been tested by our internal team and select customers. There has been a bit of a learning curve in some cases, but reception has been overwhelmingly positive. That being said, we know a first attempt is never perfect, and we will continue to make refinements to our dashboard over the next months.

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