Updating from netgate 3100 to 2 6100 HA transfer box ID

I’m having hardware failure on the netgate 3100, upgrate to 6100, have 2 units and have HA setup, do I need to do anything to license? Transfer Box ID?

Hi @Ruben_Gross
Yes under the Dashboard billing page you will need to edit your current network and modify the Box IDs to your new IDs.
If you have any issues making this change please send your new Box IDs to support@adamnet.works

I did that, now it wont let me continue, it keeps telling me the account is disabled. Says to complete all the billing info. I complete all the requested billing info and add box, hit continue, it will just sit at that page, wont continue. Thats where I’m stuck.

Hi Ruben, I believe this issue was resolved with the support team this afternoon. Adding HA to a network does require our team to get involved at this time.