VPN Stopped Routing. How to Troubleshoot?

My VPN stopped routing around end-January. Has anything changed? What steps can I take to re-enable it?

As of this writing, I am remote so am without easy access to the router. WOuld have to engage family/friend to visit the house.

  • Mac OS 13.6.4 (Ventura)
  • Viscosity 1.10.8 (latest)
  • Do get a VPN IP of


Hi @forbesb thanks for reporting this, we did find a problem in some scenarios with 4.11.0-1 when combining with OpenVPN full tunnel.

This has been resolved in our snapshot release if you want to try it with these two commands in an ssh session:

/jffs/scripts/adamone set track testing

/jffs/scripts/adamone upgrade force

Will likely release this version to Rapid Release today or tomorrow.

As of this writing, still unresolved. Has the update gone out?

Is there anything I can troubleshoot on my laptop or a support article/video I can use? I’m happy to try. (Also, I cannot ssh into my router with or without VPN. I’m sure I enabled remote access)


hi @forbesb I see you haven’t updated yours to 4.11.0-40 yet, but as soon as you do with the above two commands, you’ll see it solved. This release is now in rapid release and will be in scheduled release as early as February 12.

Updated and resolved. I am back home on the LAN and was able to force an update.