What could be the cause of this issue?


Hi @edanpedragosa
It appears that on your connection mytools.management is resolving to an IP running some other web server that is not adam:ONE or our public server.

Do a dig of mytools.management to see what it resolves to, and then check what is running on TCP port 80 on that IP.

It resolves to the same IP as the pfsense where adam:one is installed.

The only notable difference is one ISP went down on pfsense multiwan setup.

After the link is back online, mytools.management is accessible again. So it could be that it’s trying to connect back to the internet using the internet connection that is not available. I’ve now set Default gateway to the multiwan instead of Automatic. Hopefully, this setup will make a difference.

Thanks for the reply!

You can verify what is running on port 80 using sockstat | grep :80
If adam:ONE has been restarted without an internet connection you also may get the 503 error so your description does sound plausible.

I will try to do that when it happens again! Thank you!