What does this mean?

How do I get rid of this?

That would mean, adam:one is not configured properly.

@GerardW this means you’re not using adam:ONE. So either it’s not installed or running properly, or there is a VPN or other tunnel software on the PC that is routing your traffic somewhere else.

If you’re interested in the MSS service reach out to support@adamnet.works

The PC is definitely on AdamOne. I removed it on the dashboard and also tried to access any undesirable sites and it was blocked. Also, when the PC rebooted it reappeared in the device list in AdamOne. I am still getting ad popups.

Hey @GerardW is there any anti-virus software on the PC? Some AV software install their own DNS stub and prevent queries from hitting the router.

Also if you run the command ipconfig /all what does it show for DNS servers on the PC? It should show the router’s IP.

For me, I see this a lot when I’m working offsite and try to do things on Adam:one without thinking about where I’m actually at. I don’t have a VPN or anything for connecting remotely.

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