What version of Adam ONE on my ASUS?

I’m trying to identify what version of Adam One my ASUS AX86U is running. I was just curious as I had just updated Merlin. I wasn’t able to find it on my dashboard, checked Manage My Network: Router, etc.

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Hello Mark

You can find the AdamOne Version on your Router Configuration on the dashboard

AX-88U 386.5 (Merlin Version) 4.8.2 (AdamOne Version)

Hi Mark, there are two ways to find out what your version is:

  1. On your dashboard → Router → rest your mouse over the version number, and it’ll show 4.8.2-1 if you’re running the latest version:

  2. The other way to check is via an ssh session and then running anmuscle -v and you should get this one:

    admin@RT-AX58U-3F88:/tmp/home/root# anmuscle -v
    AdamnetMuscle version 4.8.2-1 | Copyright Adam Networks Inc. All rights reserved.

Thanks @SethV & @David … not sure how I missed that on the router page.