Whitelist Subscription for mirror lists

Are there any unpublished subscriptions or other lists maintained for whitelisting mirror lists, such as for CentOS or oVirt? Is there interest in creating one? This would be a significant time saver.


Hey @Charles that’s a great idea. We do have the List Sharing category in this forum but it is currently not actively used. The idea is that users can share lists exactly like you are describing.
Currently I’ve just added the mirrors to my whitelist versus making it a separate list, generally we are only talking about a few domains so it’s not been a big deal.

Hi @atw, thanks for such a quick response! I hadn’t noticed the list sharing category - is there a particular format or way for sharing?

The reason I have a separate list is that I have separate policies for my vm host management and storage networks on my hyperconverged clusters. All I really want to allow out the vm host management are harware and os updates - a distinct whitelist rule allows for that. All non-mgmt vm traffic goes over trunked bonds to their respective networks/Adam policies.

I would be happy to share my list if it grows to be comprehensive. A simple script that parses domains from the mirror lists periodically would probably do the trick.


The way it would work is you post the share link (see share button below your list) and post it along with a description.
Users can then choose to copy or subscribe to it.

Having an automated way to pull in list data from an HTTP source is something on our wish list for sure.