Will DTTS prevent a user from circumventing DNS lookups

Scenario: The user desktop is setup to receive the DNS server IP info from DHCP. DHCP points all DNS queries to the ASUS router where adam One software is installed. All Adam One rules are working fine. If a user with admin privileges modifies the properties of the network connection on the user desktop to a static DNS IP such as , all Adam one rules are circumvented. Is there a way to block these DNS queries? My Adam One subscription does not include DTTS, Would upgrading to a subscription that includes DTTS solve this issue? Thanks

Hi @r.desmarais welcome to our forum.
When you install adam:ONE on ASUS, there is an option to hijack and re-direct all DNS queries to adam:ONE.
This option is shown in the how-to video at 7m41s adam:ONE on ASUS - Video 2 of 3 - YouTube

Do you know if this option was accepted during the install?

Hi artooro! The software was installed a while ago so I am not sure but If the option to hijack and redirect all DNS queries was the default option, my guess is that this option would have been set. Is there a way to confirm this after the fact?