YouTube without Ads

It is possible to have a YouTube experience without any ads, here’s one way:

  • use iOS (iPad or iPhone)
  • use Chrome browser (and this is the only circumstance where I would recommend it)
  • use an Incognito tab
  • be on a policy that blocks (and subdomains)

The ad-free experience works on all YouTube DNS-based filtering levels (strict, moderate, or unfiltered)

Another option is to simply use Brave on the device and none of the other steps are needed.

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@David Can you share some context around why you wouldn’t recommend Chrome Browser on iOS except for the given circumstance?

Google is in the business of data collection and the combination of the iOS App privacy report (right on the App Store’s app details) and reports like this keeps me away from Chrome most of the time: Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Chrome After New Privacy Disclosure