adam:ONE® Support for pfSense® v24.03

Update April 29 2024

Support is now in the main channel so feel free to upgrade, and please remember to re-install adam:ONE after upgrading pfSense® per Install adam:ONE® (v4+) on pfSense®

See adam:ONE® v4.11.1-240 Rapid Release for release notes.

We are currently working on support for the latest pfSense® Plus v24.03 which was released today.
In the meantime please do not upgrade your appliances. If you happen to do the upgrade before reading this notice, you will need to downgrade in order to continue using adam:ONE®.

This announcement will be updated as soon as support is ready, click the bell icon to be notified as soon as we have an update.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

I was about to upgrade, glad I checked for announcements here first.


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There is now a version available in the snapshot channel. Use this command to install it.

curl -sS | sh -s snapshot

Assuming we don’t find any issues with it, we’ll move it to Rapid Release.

@edanpedragosa yes we are glad too… we will also always show “supported version” on so it’s another quick check you can make :slight_smile:

Thanks David and Arthur for your hard work.

Thanks for fixing this. Great work!!

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