adam:ONE v4.9.1-714 Rapid Release

Version 4.9.1-714 has been published to Rapid Release on pfSense and ASUS.

This is a release with significant changes in the area of TLS certificate maintenance using ACME, along with other improvements in device discovery for IPv6 hosts visible using SD (Service Discovery):

  • Added cache for reflex queries.
  • Added support for dns-json type DoH requests.
  • Added support for grouping listening IP addresses together.
  • Added support for ICMPv6 enablers.
  • Fixed ACME so that it triggers renewal more predictably.
  • Fixed invalid DNS packets not showing up in the log in some cases.
  • Fixed a few issues with processing upstream endpoint types https and tls.
  • Re-worked DNS resolution to decrease the amount of memory allocations.
  • Re-factored the packet monitor by placing triggers inline.
  • Moved MDNS/DNSSD/SD from their separate services to the packet monitor.
  • DTTS now opens holes from SVCB ipv4/6hint.
  • Multitude of smaller fixes and improvements.

Rapid Release: Rollout begins 7 July 2023
Scheduled Release: delayed see Rapid Release 4.9.1-1001

Use Rapid Release if you’re adventurous or directed by our support team.

Installation steps for Rapid Release are at

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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