Block WhatsApp Media (minus text/voice messages)

Is there a way to block WhatsApp media, while still allowing text and voice messages?

Hi Victor,

I can’t see how that could be done by opening some ports/URLs and not others, based on my previous experimentation. Also, what would be the point; if WhatsApp didn’t work properly, wouldn’t a user just disable Wi-Fi on their mobile/tablet and just mobile data instead to circumnavigate?
If users aren’t trusted with messaging, maybe should be blocked entirely, but again, they’ll just workaround most likely?

Have you seen these articles?

You could try blocking and and see if that works. But likely it will cause other functions to also stop working.

This can be achieved by allowing WhatsApp with the enabler as usually on a given policy. Just create a new blocklist with subdomain and add the following domains:

This will prevent voice messages, pictures and videos from working.

This works, but I’d like to keep voice messages allowed. Might not be possible.

Yeah I believe you’re right, there is no unique domain for voice so it will be all media or nothing.