Blocking a domain without displaying a browser block page

At the foundation of adam:ONE, all blocked destinations result in a block page for the user’s benefit. This is done by resolving to the block page IP on the internal network where adam:ONE web server responds with the block page.

If a domain should always be blocked on a given policy, but without the block page, this can be achieved by the DNS answer being NXDOMAIN (no DNS record available). This can be achieved on adam:ONE by creating a Forwarding Rule on plans that offer the Forwarding Rule by following these steps:

  1. Log into your adam:ONE dashboard
  2. Navigate to Manage Rules -> My Rules
  3. Create a new List (rule) of your name choice and “Forwarding List” from the drop-down list
  4. Route traffic to
  5. List the domains to be treated this way
  6. Save Changes

  1. Navigate to Manage Network -> Policies
  2. Enable Forwarding list you just created on all desired policies

This is the end result: