Centurylink.net and Slack.com

I have a pfSense Sg-2100 security appliance in place, with adam:ONE enabled. I am using “allow only the good” with my own Whitelist added. I can see slack.com, but there are no graphics. It looks like the old list server style. Just a bunch of hyper-links.

Also, for the centurylink.net domain, the web browser just sits there in a completely blank, white screen. It never makes any connection, so I cannot click on the “Unblock” request, since it never shows up.

Any suggestions?

Hi @clomheim, when troubleshooting a website not loading properly behind a whitelist policy, you’ll want to view all blocked entries on the domain log when refreshing the page: View your DNS logs in real-time

If no blocked entries are revealed in the log when refreshing the page, clear the browser’s cache and then try again.