Device names on Dashboard

I have an PFSense box with Adam One v 3.4.2-1. I am unable to get the dashboard to show proper device names and it picks the nics up as a different network. Why is the device name not being resolved by the dashboard?

From what I have read, if you are running your pfsense box primarily for layer 3 traffic then this will occur.

If your managing vlans which is the layer 2 then the likelihood of seeing proper device names is more consistent.

In my experience pfsense managing layer 2 traffic is particularly garbage. I have 4 WAN links and 7 vlans. I can tell you right now pfsense fails miserably in the management of vlan traffic being statically routed over a selected WAN. Had no end of issues.

So in conclusion damned if u do, and damn if u don’t.

Please Adam Network Guru’s correct me if I am wrong.


@GerardW you definitely want to upgrade to v4 as soon as you can as device enrolment has improved a lot in version 4. Data sources are: DHCP hostname, NetBIOS hostname, Vendor MAC database, generally in that order of priority.

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Please email me instructions to

The instructions at Install adam:ONE® (v4+) on pfSense® can be used to upgrade to adam:ONE v4