Duplicate Policy | šŸš€ Launched

A feature to easily duplicate a policy (or schedule) would be much appreciated. I know this has been on the road map for quite some time now. How far along in the pipeline is this feature?

@williamhofer Iā€™m wondering whether the ability to have policies that inherit from parent policies would also suit what you are looking for.
This would allow you to have a base policy and then override rules for child policies.

This would essentially suit my exact need.

This feature is now live in the dashboard. On the right of the policy list there is a new clone button.

Thanks, great news! This is very helpful.

If you have more time, is it possible to display the rules into two or three columns when viewed on desktop like this?

A mouse hover effect is also helpful for us users to quickly identify which policy it is visually as right now the action buttons are too far from from the Rule title/description.

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