EZVIZ IP Cameras cannot go past adam:ONE

Hi! We’ve purchased a bunch of IP Cameras from HIKVISION/EZVIZ and it seems that when the camera is connected to adam:ONE/DNSThingy, the camera becomes inaccessible through the phone app.

Is there a way to work-around this so that it can still connect to it’s server?

Welcome! The most likely cause is that they require a website which is being blocked by one of your lists. You can follow the steps in this guide to troubleshoot and update your lists.

If these steps don’t get things working some more troubleshooting may be needed.

Hi! I’ve already done checking the logs and the log does not show anything being blocked for that device.

I think it uses a two-way communication from the server using the DNS protocol as I only allowed DNS port to and from those IP Camera devices and it was able to communicate to the outside world.

Adding rules above the adam:ONE added rules to allow DNS to and from those devices fixed it.

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