Facebook Portal protection

I originally subscribed to the “dnsthingy” service to protect my brother with autism while he uses his Facebook Portal. I assumed it was working on his device, but I recently tried the Who Am I service by entering the http://mytools.management/whoami into the web browser. When I do this, I get a message that says, “If you are seeing this page, you connection is not protected by adam ONE.”

How can make sure Facebook Portal is protected?

I would login to the dashboard at dashboard.adamnet.works and check under devices, to make sure his device is in the correct ruleset/policy. If it’s under unfiltered, you would have that experience.

Hi @getkevinh, if a device is behind adam:ONE (formerly DNSthingy) protection, the “Who Am I” page you mentioned should show your policy and load correctly - even if under the unfiltered policy. If you’re getting that message, it means that the device is truly not being filtered, and is bypassing adam:ONE altogether. This can happen if the device is connected to an alternative internet source like a hotspot or your modem WiFi instead of your adam:ONE router’s WiFi. It may also be that the device has a VPN or extension installed that’s bypassing adam:ONE as also mentioned in this article here: Accessing MyTools and MyBox