How can I bypass NTP lockdown for TiVo?

The last step in the NTP Best Practices article

hijacks the Internet NTP. However, my TiVo can’t update its schedule if I enable it; it freezes on the “update clock” step. I can understand why TiVo restricts its clock setting to its own clock, but I’d like to implement NTP Best Practices. How can I bypass the port forwarding for my TiVo? (I’ve tried, but I don’t understand well enough to succeed on my own.)

Hi @Fred_H
What you could do is create another NAT rule above the hijack, and for source enter the IP address of your TiVo. BTW make sure you give your TiVo a static IP or a DHCP lease reseveration.
Then with this new NAT rule, check the box to Disable redirection for traffic matching this rule
Otherwise make it the same as the hijack rule.

So simple! Worked perfectly! Thank You!

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Just realized a simpler approach might be to create an alias with the hosts you want to exempt, and then in the hijack NAT rule, set the source to that alias and check Invert Match option.

As we have three TiVo’s that would indeed be simpler. But for me (I’m 81 and it’s a home network) it raises the likelihood of forgetting how it works. So I’m going to leave it with the three rules. Thanks again, Arthur