How to enable DNSharmony

DNSharmony is introduced in adam:ONE® as of version 4 by aggregating upstream DNS resolvers. If any of your selected DNS resolvers block a destination, the block wins. All resolvers must allow the destination (or time out) in order for the destination to resolver for the original requester.

To enable it on a Blocklist (Blacklist) policy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Navigate to your Policies → Choose any Blocklist (Blacklist) policy and click on the Default Treatment → Edit as shown here:

  3. Click Use DNSharmony as shown here and select from your DNS resolver groups to combine.

  4. Click on Save and review to make sure your default treatment is now DNSharmony as shown here:

Note the following:

  • All of your blocklist policies are treated with the same DNSharmony bundle.
  • In your live-log at you will now see BL - Upstream if any of the DNSharmony forwarders block a destination.
  • Upstream DNS filters that resolve to a specific IP address when blocked are overwritten with your gateway LAN address to provide a consistent adam:ONE® experience
  • To determine which upstream resolver blocked a destination, either check manually or use log-level 4 in the passive logs stored locally on your router.