iOS 15 and Extensions

With the introduction of extensions in iOS 15, are there any plans to add a block page extension for iOS?

Hey @Victor we do plan to attempt porting the extension to iOS 15, but I cannot speak to any timelines or whether it will work at this point.

Any plan for browsers other than chrome based ones? e.g. Firefox/Opera/Waterfox

Firefox removed an API that we were using so we had to remove our extension and it’s pretty unlikely this will change anytime soon.
But Opera is actually based on Chromium, so while I haven’t tested it, our Chrome extension should work in Opera.
Please note that our extension does work in Brave as well for those looking for a privacy focused browser.

There is now a working extension.

See the section under iOS.

Edit: going back from block page seems to work on iOS, but not iPadOS.

How do we add this to our Mosyle adam:GO Whitelist of apps?

You’ll have to wait a little while longer before it’s available to be deployed via MDM. I imagine it will be rolled out to all adam:GO accounts at that point as well.

@Victor as long as you’ve gone to Settings → Safari → Extensions and enabled as per screenshot on it should work.

However, we’ve discovered some folks have Screen Time conflicts, try disabling Scren Time to see if that’s your issue and then adjust accordingly.

It works, but I can’t add it yet to App Whitelist in mosyle.

You can now whitelist it in Mosyle. You should be able to find it in the App Store with the name: adam:ONE assist

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Block Page Assistant for secure sites

Should update this with the android version.

On android Kiwi Browser allows extensions to be installed. Simply install the block page assistant as you would on a windows computer.