New router installed, but adam one dashboard shows offline

Just got a AX3000 up and running w/ merlin and adam one. On adamone dashboard I changed my network’s boxid to match the new box. ssh status locally shows all good. adamone dashboard shows “offline”

appreciate any help

Hi @Mark_Nadig ,

Can you confirm that the Box ID matches (including no extra spaces when using copy and paste) by taking these steps:

  1. Get your BoxID from this command in your ssh session:grep box-id /jffs/addons/adamone/muscle.conf | cut -d= -f2

This was taken from Stage 3 of 3 here: Install adam:ONE (v4+) on Asus Routers via USB storage

  1. Verify this matches your dashboard’s BoxID at
    If it does not match here’s how to replace it: Change the Box ID for an existing network

Thank you @Bill_Miller . I confirmed the box id matches. emailed you screenshot. thanks for your help.