No backups - pfSense FW


I am showing that my pfSense FW has not been backed up for about 6 weeks now. Nothing has changed other than upgrading to the latest pfSense 2.4.5-RELEASE (amd64)

Hi @CopticOrthodox welcome to the forum. We are looking into this. I’ll let you know what’s happening soon.

Thanks, please let me know what info I can provide to help you investigate the issue. Also, how can I view ticket updates?
This happened before and I think @atw was able to fix it by clearing hash or something on his end?

@CopticOrthodox please run the command pfsupport -backup on your pfSense, and copy and paste the output in an email to

Thank you.

I never got my cloud backup to work

I’ve found an issue that occurred with some upgrades. Will be adding a fix to the servers so by tomorrow it should be working for you.

Hey guys, please restart your router, afterwards the backups should be working again. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks, it worked, I appreciate it @atw