PF Sense Transparent Bridge


I have reviewed and following the instructions in the following post which shows Running on a Transparent pfSense Bridge. However, I am not able to get this to work with my setup.

In my current setup I have a WAN connection from the customer coming into port 1 (DHCP) on the PF sense with default vlan 4091. Port 2 on the pf sense which is the Lan port, I have assigned an static ip address of and vlan 999. I have then bridged the WAN and LAN (PORT 1 AND 2). I have added rules to the bridge to reject any traffic but allow only access to ip I was not able to see the end advice as outlined in the image provided. Do I need to modify my settings?

Did you follow the instructions posted here ?

Would just suggest doing a complete factory reset when attempting this and also don’t restore from a backup. Once the above is complete, then install adam.