Requirements for upgrading to pfSense 22.01/2.6.0

With pfSense® release 22.01/2.6.0 announcement, we are thrilled to share that adam:ONE® version 4.8.1-1 has been tested and is now supported.

Upgrade requirements

If you’re already running pfSense® with adam:ONE® now, and want to upgrade, follow these steps.

  1. Check your version of adam:ONE® via your dashboard → Router → the last portion of the version is the adam:ONE® revision:

  2. Make sure you’re running 4.8.1 as shown above

    • If you’re running any other 4.x release, you will need to first run this command from the console, ssh session, or via the GUI → Diagnostics → Command Prompt:


    • If you’re running any 3.x release, please follow the steps at:

  3. Proceed to upgrade pfSense® to 22.01/2.6.0

adam:ONE® software prior to 4.8.1-1 is not compatible with pfSense® 22.01/2.6.0.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

Note this redmine issue may impact some users upgrading to 2.6.0: