Ubiquiti USG compatibility?

Are there any plans to use adams filtering on different routers , like an ubiquiti usg ?

Hi @Chris_G,
If an additional router platform was to be supported, it more than likely would be Ubiquiti, as it has been the #1 requested brand due to so many of our users already using Ubiquiti equipment in their networks. It’s not on our current get-to-do list, but it’s highly likely to eventually be part of the roadmap as resources become more available.

Any update to unifi compatibility OR a best practice to set up a network appliance on a Ubiquiti network? I have been using adam on my home network(pfsense) and really would like to add it to our office.

Welcome to the forum @Brent_Dalley
While there are no longer any plans to make adam:ONE available on the USG we support both pfSense and VyOS.
Using UniFi for switches and wi-fi works very well along with a third-party gateway appliance which is what we recommend to get the best of both worlds.

@atw Do you have any instructions on how to install VyOS on a VM running Debian?

@williamhofer that’s not really how it works. VyOS is it’s own distro so you would create a VM and install VyOS, not install it on top of Debian.
See Installation — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation on how to install it whether it’s a VM or dedicated hardware. And currently our public adam:ONE instructions are at Docker for now.