Upgrading to latest version disables LAN communication to OpenVPN clients

After updating to the latest announced Version 4.9.0-1, Local devices on our LAN can no longer communicate with OpenVPN clients.

  1. Ping timed out - I can ping OpenVPN clients from LAN prior to the update
  2. Accessing client shares from LAN to VPN clients no longer works e.g. \\aVPNclientDevice\c$

I’ve also noticed one important site from our accounting department no longer works without me adding an Authoritative Entry for rd.go.th and efiling.rd.go.th

What could be causing this?

Any hint on how to resolve this?

NOTE: VPN clients can still see the network resources on our LAN but it is now one sided. We used to have two-way communication before updating to Version 4.9.0-1.

hi @edanpedragosa I will reach out to you over support as it might need a remote session to capture the full understanding.

In general, make sure that you use best practices for local domains, and you may be missing firewall rule(s) for that traffic.