What's new in adam:ONE® version 4

About adam:ONE®

adam:ONE® is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform that supports tight integration with multiple router/gateway operating systems, primarily Linux and FreeBSD variants. Specifically, the following Operating Systems are supported with a full feature set:

Security Gateway Notes Support
ASUS Merlin Any ASUS router with supported Merlin firmware Suited for SOHO, not available for MSP/HA business support
pfSense® pfSense® Plus 21.05+ / pfSense® 2.5.2 Community Release MSP and High Availability Business/Enterprise Support
ClearOS v4 availability subject to ClearOS Marketplace release Support via ClearOS Support channels
Debian Suitable for cloud services supporting adam:GO™ and adam:APN™ Available via Managed Service and qualified MSPs

What’s new in version 4:

  • Installation and host configuration administration has moved from the GUI to the CLI (command line). Don’t be afraid if you don’t see adam:ONE® under the pfSense® Services menu.
  • The binary name has changed from anmgr (ADAMnetworks Manager) to anmuscle(ADAMnetworks Muscle) to more accurately describe the hybrid brain (in the cloud) and the muscle (on-premise).
  • Enhanced detail on live logs via mytools.management/log including applied rule for reach query result
  • Traffic log view option showing each IP connection and status
  • SDWAN compatibility with multiple ISPs and/or Gateway Groups
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stacking compatible even with DTTS® functionality
  • Firewall rules now need to be created manually (we’ve learned pfSense® sysadmins like to manage their own rules, so we just show you what’s needed)
  • DNSharmony® support so you can combine upstream DNS threat intel
  • DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) client functionality for recursive queries
  • DNS-over-HTTPS server functionality to answer internal endpoints via DoH
  • DNS-over-TLS (DoT) client functionality for recursive queries
  • DNS-over-TLS server functionality to answer internal endpoints via DoT
  • Enablers (DTTS® exemptions) moved to the dashboard.adamnet.works GUI (no longer need to make pfSense allow rules for DNSless traffic to pass)
  • Allow lists (whitelist rules) are available on all policies, including ones based on Blocklists (blacklists)
  • Approximately 20x performance increase on DTTS® engine, which manages the rapid creation and destruction of firewall rules