Where are the updated install instructions?


I found this: Install adam:ONE® (v4+) on pfSense® which I’ve used in the past.

However it seems to be obsolete. When I run configure I don’t get an option to enable DTTS. DTTS nor 443 rules are mentioned in my firewall during configuration.

Is there an updated install how-to guide?

I’m running a Netgate 2200 with the latest version of pfsense and just tried to install adam on it.


hey @Carsonix thanks for pointing that out. The article you linked to is still the correct one, but as you noted is had not been updated to reflect some recent changes in the package.
The firewall mechanism has been modified to be entirely controlled from dashboard.adamnet.works so the option on the setup script is no longer needed. I’ve removed this from the guide.
For 443 this has also changed where adam:ONE responds to these packets directly instead of the firewall having a reject rule.

Thanks, I have it installed.

The last option was hijack DNS. I put yes. But got a warning…

Services / DNS Resolver

:warning: DNS is hijacked to but DNS Resolver is listening on it which will have the opposite effect of bypassing adam:ONE

Any ideas how do I fix this or what I should do? I’m by no means an expert with adam.

Also I have another problem. I can’t access any websites anymore except adamnet.works

My Laptop — WAP — Netgate with Adam — Internet

sockstat | grep amuscle doesn’t show any output.

Finally my adam web panel says my computer and router timezones are 24 hours apart. They are both set to America/Toronto. Do you know how to fix this?


For the DNS resolver issue, you’ll want to actually just disable the DNS Resolver in pfSense to get rid of that message.

As far as not being able to access web sites, you might want to go to http://mytools.management/whoami and check what policy you’re on. And then check that policy to see what rules are enabled. You might be on an allow-list policy with none or very few rules enabled.

The message about the timezone is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks , it’s annoying

@Carsonix the instructions are now completely updated

What’s the purpose of disabling the DNS resolver? Isn’t that necessary for resolving local domains? Or does the dashboard also handle that?

Is there any reason to leave the DNS resolver on?

Thats great, thanks @David

Still learning Adam

There’s no point in using the DNS Resolver if you don’t have a local domain that you are managing DNS records on.
And if it’s only a few local records I prefer to use Authoritative rules on the adam:ONE Dashboard instead of mess with running two DNS servers on the router.

I recently found it necessary to run the DNS resolver in cases where the net goes down and there is no backup in place. In such cases the adam:ONE dashboard doesn’t seem to kick in with the authoritative rules. I’m going to assume that is because it can’t be reached and isn’t cached on the gateway.